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AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea)

AIDA courses establish the benchmark for global freediving instruction. The AIDA progression system guides your evolution as a freediver, spanning from novice to instructor. You can commence your journey on the AIDA education ladder at either the * (Introductory) or ** (Foundation) level, depending on your comfort level in the water. The AIDA education ladder emphasizes the cultivation of skills for secure and controlled freediving.

This course covers the fundamentals of freediving (breathing, relaxation, finning techniques, and safety in apnea). You will develop skills in static, dynamic, and depth apnea. If you want to explore extraordinary dive locations while discovering the world of freediving, this course is for you.

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Mike Moffa


I had the privilege of diving with Adrien on a recent outing, and I am still enchanted by this experience. From the beginning, Adrien showed exemplary professionalism. His extensive knowledge of local diving sites and his constant concern for safety immediately put me at ease.



Very good professional, reassuring, and knowledgeable about the reefs. Managed a delicate situation with a lot of calm and control.

Ximena Lechuga


He’s a professional, always operating with safety and quality service. You won’t regret it!

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