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Adrien Gasnier

After serving in the French army, Adrien decided to venture into the world of diving. Upon discovering his passion for this discipline, he traveled to southwestern France where he obtained certifications such as “Rescue,” “Divemaster,” and “Assistant Instructor.” In his quest for professionalization, he decides to move to the Mexican Caribbean, internationally recognized for its impressive cenotes and turquoise sea.

In Mexico, he manages to obtain his professional certifications and starts his new life in the diving industry. After several years working as an instructor and guide for different centers in the region, he decides to become independent and certify himself as an apnea instructor (AIDA). His goal is to expand his skills by offering new experiences and providing personalized and high-quality service.

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor PADI
  • Full Cave Diver TDI
  • Freediving Instructor AIDA
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